About the Piano Lessons

I help kids and adults have fun with piano. When students have fun, they are motivated to practice harder.

Because I teach between 2500-3000 lessons a year, I've become very good at explaining the complexities of music in very simple language. If it is clear enough for a 4 year old to understand, then its going to help an adult play faster as well.

My students learn the piano faster and they love playing. Younger students continue playing instead of quitting and adults who've had bad experiences learn to love music again.

I've put hundreds of hours into preparing songs and lessons plans to make the best use of the student's time. Because of all this preparation students who have never played piano before in their life are able to learn a Beatles song within 20-30 minutes.

I have a massive library of curriculum (over 700+ pages of professional handouts and over 100 online videos) to help students. This massive one of a kind resource allows me to spend more time teaching and less time writing out an assignment by hand.

My mission is to give everyone in Seattle a free piano lesson. If you'd like to see how fun music can be then please give me a call and we'll find a time for your free 30 minute piano lesson! (206) 317-4954

piano teacher in seattleAbout Chris Marx
Graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston in December of 2005 has positioned him to become a significant force in music. He's been playing piano for 22 years, but is still not as fast as the Amazing Oscar Peterson. Chris then spent a year as a faculty member at the premier private music program in Massachusetts, Bosse School of Music. Chris has performed in some of Seattle's best venues from the Space Needle, Safeco Field to the Crocodile and EMP Sky Church. He currently plays weekly at Chopstix Dueling Piano Bar or 88 Keys Dueling Piano Bar and is working hard at developing an online curriculum for the students at his school.

I'll help you find the piano music that you want to learn and if it's a little too difficult then I'll create an musical arrangement for your ability level. In the past young students have asked me if they could learn brand new pop songs they had just heard the radio. If we decide to work on a song that is so new there isn't even music for it yet, then it gives us a chance to work on other skills besides reading, like transcription, ear training and arranging.

The piano lessons are conducted at your own home for those who want the convenience, or at my Music School in ballard/wallingford. I also have the ability to quickly record short examples from the lesson and put them on a CD or email to students. Being able to listen back to what was covered during the lesson and hear live examples is an invaluable tool. Having a recording greatly helps speed the learning process and keeps students practicing the appropriate material during the week.

Whether you have never touched a piano before or you've been playing for years and are looking for some new inspiration; whether you want to learn contemporary jazz, classical or a driving rock and roll version of jingle bells, or even if you want to compose your own music or film scores, I can give you the resources and tools to accomplish any of your musical goals!

Oh, and be sure to watch download some of the handouts and listen to the MP3s!

Thanks for checking out my site!

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Video Lessons - FastPianoLessons.com

In the youtube player below you will an example of a short piano lessons that I have been posting online. If you like the video, please subscribe to my mailing list to have them sent to your email. The mailing list will give you access to lessons I have not posted on youtube. They are fun to watch and are not posted anywhere else! If you take private lessons with me, you get access to these videos for free!

Blog Lessons

I've recently started a blog for online piano lessons. If there is a topic or song you would like to see covered, please post a comment on the blog! Visit: FastPianoLessons.com/Blog

Music School

I've just opened up a music school in ballard/wallingford! We needed more space for drums and my grand piano. Click here to learn more about seattle piano lessons at my school.

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Chris has taught hundreds of students how to play the piano and how to become a better musician. Here is what just a few of them had to say about their experience.

Piano StudentJeff King
"Chris opened a lot of new musical doors for me. I've had a lot of fun experimenting with the tricks he has shown me. C Jam blues is the best!"
Piano StudentSrivinas
"I don't like chris, he made me practice too much. But the stickers made it worth it."
Piano StudentAustin
"I thought the piano stuff Chris showed me rocked! I learned a lot about recording, voice and how to play piano better."
Piano StudentJack Dunbar
"I had fun learning to play and sing with Chris. He was able to give me a lot of input on whatever songs I brought in. Thanks!"
Piano StudentTaylor
"Jazz is hard ok, but Chris helped me understand it!"
Piano StudentAndrew
"You should take lessons from Chris. He'll make you a rockstar."
Piano StudentErich Hochstrasser
"Chris made learning fun again. The piano lessons were everything I could have hoped for and more."
Piano StudentAlison
"Chris is really cool I guess... but he IS good at piano."

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Free Handouts!

I have created hundreds of the best looking handouts to help explain how to play piano. Because they're all digital, I can quickly print them up for students. Some of them even come with a link to an online video lesson to accompany the handout. So you're receiving instruction outside the classroom as well.

This is an example of one of my online handouts that accompanies a video teaching beginners how to play Fur Elise.

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Click on the green boxes to listen!

Heat Wave

R&B. This was a sound-a-like project. The goal was to create a recording that sounds as close to the original recording as possible. Especially for movies, it can be cheaper to record a new version of a song than to license the original recording. Ted Pennington was the producer/engineer.

Just The Way You Look Tonight

Jazz. I sang and played the piano on this recording. The bass and drums are sequenced.

Caminando Ando Yo

Latin. A song that I produced, recorded, played/sequenced, arranged for a great latin artist from Miami, LA Gonzales.

Do You Know That I Love You

Techno/Electronic. I try to fake an british accent and female/robot vocals on this song.

NPR's "Open Source" with Chris Lydon

Blues/Rock. NPR held a contest to write music for their new radio show "Open Source"... This music bed didn't win. Bass: Matt Utterback. I programmed the drums with midi.

Last Remarx

Classical, Orchestral. This is a piece I wrote, conducted and produced for a 20 piece orchestral group.


Tango, String Ensemble. The introduction has a quote from "An American Tail: Fivel Goes West" The Bridge is original. I conducted and arranged.

DrinkMaster Bartending Jingle

HipHop. I wrote, produced and played keyboards on this track.

Vampire's Lament

Halloween/Monster Mash. Here is a song that I wrote and played/sang/recorded for fun over halloween.

Cantaloop Island

Jazz. A Herbie Hancock standard. Ben Appleby played Bass.

The Nearness of You

Jazz Piano, Vocals and Bass.

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